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Justin Billotte

A new sound with a classic style, that’s Justin Billotte. A new-traditionalist, bringing the legacy of country music to the latest generation of fans, with a fun show and a sound that is quite contemporary indeed.


Justin began writing and performing music for church where his monthly musical contribution to the congregation was a big hit. He quickly discovered the thrill of pleasing an audience and soon began performing at local coffee houses and special events.

As a freshman in college, he wrote and directed a musical “Eternity” which was performed by a branch campus of
Ohio State University. When the lead was forced to drop out just before opening, Justin aptly stepped up to take on that role as well; drawing the largest audience in the history of that campus for a student-written production. His record remains unbroken to this day.

Justin has performed a multitude of musical styles. For him, it wasn’t so much the style of music that mattered, as long as the songs were good.  Justin has performed everything from jazz standards to pop and rock. 

That changed, though, while listening to the local country station one night.  I always thought it was strange when people would say a song changed their life…until I heard the song that changed mine,”  He remembers.  It was
George Strait’s “Run” written by Anthony Smith and Tony Lane, and it quite literally transformed my life and my career.”  

Justin began concentrating on country music and found an entirely new audience waiting to embrace him. With a smooth, country crooner voice and the ability to project his warm personality, Justin quickly builds a personal relationship with the audience. Justin Billotte is a showman in the traditional sense with a contemporary country sound that not only draws folks in, but continues to build a loyal fan following. He’ll keep reeling in the fans and delivering quality song after quality song for many years to come.
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Justin currently is currently accepting bookings for his acoustic show as well as with a full band. His show includes favorite tunes from the past to the newest country hits. Justin Billotte knows how to bring it, have fun, and make it happen.

Perfect for fairs, festivals and corporate events. 

Be sure to visit Justin's website www.justinbillotte.com

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